About Us…

RJP Entertainment provides a diverse range of world-class acts, performers, packages, excursions and so much more.

“For over two decades, RJP has proudly called Salou home, establishing itself as a trusted name synonymous with delivering unparalleled quality entertainment in Spain and beyond.”

Welcome to RJP Entertainment – where the stage comes alive with excitement, laughter, and unforgettable moments! As one of Europe’s leading entertainment companies, RJP takes pride in delivering top-notch performances that captivate audiences night after night.

With a spectacular lineup of over twenty shows gracing stages across Europe, RJP’s presence extends beyond our own venues to partnerships that amplify the entertainment experience. Nestled in the vibrant town of Salou, Spain, RJP has been a beacon of entertainment for the past two decades, leaving an indelible mark on hotels, cabaret venues, corporate events, and private parties.

At the heart of RJP’s success are our unique entertainment ventures.
Firstly, prepare to be mystified at the House of Illusion, home to our world-famous House of Illusion dinner and mystery Show, which has been wowing audiences for the last 20 years.
House of Illusion is also home to our Broadway Muscials show: West End, a musical extravaganza taking you on a musical journey of the biggest and best West End and Broadway musicals of all time.
And finally, Bingo Bangas, which will be the biggest and most exciting interactive gameshow you will ever participate in, mixing Bingo with music, live vocalists, gameshows and live DJ!!
Also situated at the House of Illusion, you will find our beautiful rooftop bar and restaurant, Houdini’s Attic.
With a terrace that overlooks the sea, and a beautifully decorated, modern indoor Lounge, Houdini’s Attic is perfect for Brunch with friends, a 3 course dinner, sharing tapas or a fresh cocktail, whilst listening to our live background musician.

House of Illusion is also the place to house company events, company dinners, communions, weddings, private parties, inspirational speeches, themed dinners, nightclub events, New Years Eve celebrations, Christmas shows, and much more.
Secondly, our award-winning Cabaret and Cocktail Club, ‘Chaplins’, where we hold 5 live shows every night as well as delivering signature cocktails and the best atmosphere in Salou.

Join us on a journey where the spotlight never fades, and each performance is a masterpiece. RJP Entertainment – where the magic happens, and memories are made.