The RJP Way!

Founded in 1998 by Rodney James Piper, RJP Entertainment are now the names to trust when it comes to hotel entertainment.

RJP Entertainment executes entertainment like no other company.

There is no set formula for entertainment. Every hotel is different, with different clientele, stage areas, requirements, and needs. Therefore, not every hotel should carry out the same entertainment programme.

This is why our entertainment is unique and diverse. We look at the needs and requirements of a hotel and develop our team to suit the exact formula that will work, which results in constantly exceeding customer service reports and customer satisfaction.

We specialise in tailor-made entertainment packages suited to the International Market. Enabling us to work with the British, Spanish, Russian, French and German customers.

Each and every one of our animators are sourced from 5 audition processes and are brought together in Salou for an intense 2 week training course where they are taught the fundamental skills they will need to be the best entertainers they can be. Our teams of animators are able to embrace the clientèle and adapt their skills to suit the style required. This style may have to be changed up to 3 times per season in one hotel to embrace the clientele change throughout the year.

Our shows are also of the highest standard and quality.

With a full team of professional singers and dancers our shows are all performed live to high quality backing track, with no play back. We provide up to moment tribute acts as well as large scale production shows.

RJP Entertainment constantly strive to meet expectations of the customer and develop their product constantly to achieve optimum results.

Not only is daytime program vast, varied and flexible, we also have something for everyone and for all ages.

We understand that the word entertainment can have a very different meaning to different people.

This is why we ensure that we cover all bases throughout the daytime. We can provide laid back ‘chill out’ time with our live guitarist or we can provide a competitive, fast paced  game of water polo. The children are also catered for in our fun mini clubs, where they can engage in necklace making, treasure hunts, balloon modelling workshops or join in with the dances around the pool side with Peppa Pig!


Our night time entertainment will vary in structure depending on the nationality and clientele in the hotel.

Whatever the structure, the entertainment is always varied, energetic and fast paced.

Whether we are presenting the diplomas from the daily activities, hosting a fun quiz, involving the audience in a nightly game show or entertaining the kids with a Disney Princess show, the entertainment is always of a professional standard.

Our mini club is a great way for the kids to let off steam and make some great friends whilst on holiday with the best entertainers in children’s entertainment.


The kids can participate in great activities such as treasure hunts, face painting, balloon modelling workshops, dance classes and much more.

We have a massive range of children’s shows which are guaranteed to keep them entertained throughout the day time and also of an evening.

We have shows such as Peppa Pig, Spongebob Squarepants, the Disney Princess, the Avengers and much more.

RJP Entertainment pride themselves on having the best live music shows in the Costa Dorada.

From amazing tribute acts to large scale production shows, we never fail to deliver a top quality performance.